Kim Beach

Interview with a Certified Personal Trainer and owner of Fit Fun and Fabulous – Kim Beach

im Beach is a Sydney girl born and bred and love living in one of the most incredible cities in the world. After she finished high school, she studied for 2 years to become a qualified personal trainer and started work at a small fitness studio in Sydney’s south. It was there that she met her husband to be John in 2002. At 36 and with two young kids, she is in the best shape of her life. As a working Mum she knew the pressures of family and work […]


Interview with a Celebrity Fit­ness Per­son­al­ity, Trainer and Nutri­tion Coach – Rachel Elizabeth Murray

Rachel Elizabeth Murray was born in Tulsa, the firstborn of four to her parents, who are still together and madly in love to this day. Her dad was in the Army, so they moved many times in the US and Germany, but settled in Spokane, WA before she started 8th grade. Her family is amazing, and moving made her resilient to change. She had an incredibly blessed childhood and spent my free time in sports, art, music and theater. Graduated from WSU with a BA in […]

Midori Match _ 1

Interview with Jason Dmitry Steinbuchel – The Founder and CEO of Midori Matcha

Jason Dmitry Steinbuchel, the founder/CEO started to venture in this business of creating Matcha for he loves both health and nutrition. He loved teas and lifting weights. A year ago he visited Tokyo, Japan and was fascinated by the people, architecture and culture. What made the most impact were tea ceremonies and the fact that Japanese take their health and tea very seriously. He traveled to a town called Uji and discovered the beauty of green tea culture. He learned about green […]